Forever Testimony

My name is Siba Jumba, I joined forever on the 23 April 2014 I am a single mother to a beautiful11 year old girl. I work for a state owned company in Sandton. In 2013 I decided to add my mum on my medical aid as a beneficiary I don’t have benefits at work and we were with Discovery Health at that time, in Sept 2013 my mother was turning 69 years and she has never been in a medical aid before.
So you can imagine what is her later joiner penalty. After all debit orders my bank account will be on a minus, and for food and fuel I will not have even a cent or wait for my FNB credit card to update, and RCS card so at least I can push first week of the month. I was concerned about my situation I tried number of business that never materialised. I used to see Nqobile posting and she posted that she was paid R40k that particular month I asked her how did you do it. She sent me information on how to start. As much as I decided at that point to start I never asked about presentation I know I am selling “yellow sgubhu”
I asked for catalogue and price list she sent me. Mind you I never met this Nqobile she is in Durban and I am in Jhb. I took catalogue I gave all my colleagues that please support my business I am selling they placed orders. On the 23rd when we got paid all debit orders took their money. I went to the bank I reversed all of them so that I can buy my first stock. My situation was not giving me any option because things were getting worse month to month I had to act. I came back at work after lunch I did my deliveries. People paid me, I went back to depot same day to reorder I delivered the next day stock was finished. I bought on the 24th as well. I managed to pay those debit orders that I skipped.
I never looked back I learned from Nqobile and other managers that we build a team and recommend products I build by team June 2014 I became a Supervisor. I never looked back in 2015, I decided I am not getting any younger it is time I buy home for my child I did shopping I applied at the bank for home loan of the apartment I loved. The bank replied that I need to have at least R2500 more on my surplus, I said – Yeah I have extra income they said I must send a proof. I sent them the bank statements and bonus recaps (payslips) within 30 minutes my bond was approved. I paid a deposit of R80k upfront and my car was paid off by Forever.
My daughter attends extra mural activities and extra lessons, I was never going to afford if I was not a serious FBO.
I am now a recognised manager in the business earning R60k+ monthly. I use products like crazy, I share the business opportunity with others, I share the goodness of our products to everyone. I love Forever it has made me to believe in myself, I am confident on what I do helping other people to achieve greatness. I am working towards qualification to go to a fully paid expense trip in Dubai April 2017 and Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome cruise.
Recently I qualified for level 1 car incentive meaning on top my crazy income FOREVER pays me I get R5200 for car incentive for 36 months.
I fired BJ to do Forever on a full time basis my last day is 18 November 2016 even the sky will not limit me.
I am an ordinary person but I always feed my mind with positivity, wealth is a mindset.